Money Affirmations

I feel Wealth in every part of my existence.

I attract money. Money loves me.

I magnetically pull money to me now.

I am happy & thankful that money comes to me in ever increasing quantities from different sources on a constant basis.

I am receiving more money now.

I have more than enough money at all times.

I am willing, ready and able to receive and use money wisely.

I see abundance everywhere in the world.

I am a powerful money magnet.

I am grateful for all that I have and for all that I receive.

I have more than I need.

Money now surprises me from unexpected sources.

My financial income is growing higher and higher.

I am a rich child of a loving God who wants my best.

I am the power to attract money.

I receive money more happily now than ever before.

Money flows to me easily all of the time.

I am good with money and invest it wisely.

I make my income to constantly expand and I always live in comfort and peace.

I am worthy of an abundant and wealthy life.

Money comes to me in the best ways.

I am deserving of money in my life.

I am open to receive great wealth.

I love this positive, happy, wealthy life.

The more I give, the more I get. The more I get, the more I can give.

Life is abundant and I am wealthy.

My actions result in more money coming to me.

Money and I are life long best friends.

I keep attracting money naturally.

My nick name is money.

Every day I am making and saving more and more money.

I am a money magnet towards whom money is increasingly attracted.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

Money comes to me in all kinds of ways.

I focus on abundance thinking.

I am worthy of making great amounts money.

I am always receptive to all the ways life offers me wealth.

I seek new sources of financial income.

My mind is an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.

I increase positive energy over money.

Money attraction is my nature.

I always use money to better my life and the lives of others.

Wealth and prosperity constantly flows into my wonderful life.

My thoughts and actions create constant prosperity.

I am aligned with the great energy of abundance.

I consistently attract the best opportunities that create more money.

My finances improve.

Money is always in front of me.

Money and spirituality co-exist in harmony.

Money and love are friends.

Money is my servant and it serves me well.

I am the master of wealth.

I am able to handle money in amounts small and large.

I am at peace with having more money.

I handle my massive success with joy and gratitude.

Money increases my opportunities for experiences.

Money creates a profound, positive impact in life.