Affirmations For The Law Of Attraction

These affirmations are suited for increasing your ability to practice the law of mental attraction to your dreams and desires.

I create anything that I want.

I attract what I desire.

I am committed to reaching my goals.

Money comes to me.

All good things are in my life.

I manifest wealth and abundance.

The power of success is within me.

Success comes to me easily.

Every day meet people who help me achieve my goals.

I am creating Life of my highest Dreams.

Money flows easily into my life and grows my success.

I am a Money Magnet I now have more than I need.

Success comes effortlessly.

I attract abundance into my life.

Financial abundance is magnetically attracted to me.

I attract positive and helpful people into my life.

Positive, passionate and successful is my way of life.

I learn from my past, live in the present and create my future.

I magnetically attract the things that I desire.

My positive beliefs are transforming my life.

My life is filled with great abundance of good things and happiness.

I promote and allow success in all areas of life.

I firmly believe in myself and attract success.

Great things come to me today.

My biggest dreams are manifesting now.

I am limitless potential.

I am worthy of all the love, abundance, success, happiness and fulfillment that can exist.

Abundance of good surrounds me.

I celebrate others success, wealth, and prosperity, we are all deserving of the best.

Everyday I create reality.